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Lillian Powell received her BFA from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, and completed Post Baccalaureate studies at Indiana University Southeast in New Albany, Indiana. Powell is currently a Foundation Resident at Belger Crane Yard Studios in Kansas City, Missouri.

Her most recent body of work, Overlooked, examines routine in the domestic sphere. Utilizing different surfaces and textures commonly seen and touched regularly, Powell tries to give a sense of place. Materials in the everyday such as wood paneling and ceramic tile, are neglected not just through physical wear and tear, but in their position in our minds. These re-purposed, ubiquitous surfaces are paired with her cast-offs from everyday rituals, including materials and objects such as shed hair, bobby pins and drier lint. Powell wants to accumulate a nexus of objects and their associations; triggering memories of ordinary yet significant moments in these common spaces.